mandag, november 05, 2007

(Caught up, again! DoM)

I finally got around to create some cards to the deck of me. A few of these were planned already the week that they came out (it's just that I'm a bit slow some times). Anyway, here they are:

#38 I wonder...
I wonder if I will find someone to love that'll actually love me back. (I find I might be a little obsessed with this thought, but I wonder if I'm totally unlovable)

#39 Someone Spech
The special person is my sister Nancy, she's an amazing person, so caring, full of life and just great. Not to mention that she's always been there for me :)

#40 Not anymore
I'm just glad I'm not unhappy anymore, not that I was for long. It's just so thrilling to the same old happy me.

#41 Magic carpet
Japan - I'd love to go there someday, it's just seems like it's such fascinating country.

#42 A grateful week
It's a great thing to be greatful and I've got plenty of things to be thankful for: Great friends, a job I like and enjoy, the wonderful world of Msn, the local scrapbooking store with the nicest owner, my creativity and all the creative people in the world, getting to know new friends and my number one thing for the Sunday (of the week we got the prompt) one extra hour on that Sunday. I hate daylight saving time, the only part of it I like is the Sunday when we go back to wintertime.

#43 Scary
The thing that scares me the most are snakes, they look evil and stupid and violent. I've had a fobia of snakes for as long as I can remember (might be because I saw cobras being fed mice when I was 5). It's nice to think of that there is just one poisonous snake in Norway and it's harmless to people (unless you're allergic) - still it stops me from walking in the woods.

#44 Home
And finally todays prompts: Home
I really enjoy living in my appartment, it's perfect (in the sense there's one thing I'd like to change about it and that's what's best).