fredag, september 21, 2007

(Hvilken Jane Austen Heltinne er du?)

Jeg fant en link til en test om hvilken Jane Austen-heltinne du er hos NerdBucket. Og kom ut som

I am Elinor Dashwood!

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mandag, september 17, 2007

(Deck of Me #37)

So it's time to update with my latest card in the deck of me, and this week the prompt was "Draw something". Argh, I've always hated drawing, or at least since I started school and saw how all the others were better at drawing than me (in addition I never managed to make it look like I had imagined). The only thing I've been relatively pleased with drawing, i.e. thinking it didn't totally suck was houses, so I drew one today, in front of a couple of hills. I pondered for 5 nanoseconds about adding a sun, but I think that's stretching it a bit..... (or you can imagine it behind the ticked). Determined to use some of the scraps on my scrapping table (after clearing it...) I added some ribbon and a opener-thingie from a Coca Cola Light-can (can't think of a bette word than thingie :giggle:).
Anyhow here it is:

Thanks for looking :)

mandag, september 10, 2007

(Deck of me #35 and #36)

I've caught up again, this time the prompts were: My strength and Life is beautiful. First about my strenght, I needed some more space to write about my strenght. I am quite strong, and my friends and family has always been able to depend on me in though times. But my strenght might have a downside (I rationalise my feelings away).

Life is good... there is friends, family, music,dance, books, art.... in the world. I got some not so good news yesterday that I've written about and put in a coinholder on the back of the card. Thanks for looking