onsdag, mars 18, 2009

(Twice in one day???)

Here's the second part of the update 4 LayOuts and one card.

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(Update! Finally!)

So... I've finally gotten around to updating the blog again. Have been scrapping quite a bit lately (not all is ready to be shown) but have been a bit lazy when it comes to taking pictures of the LOs. Anyhow, now there are pictures - batch 1

Thanks for looking :D

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onsdag, mars 04, 2009

(New cards!)

In February the Kortskalle competition started on Minneriket, these were my submissions for the 5 parts. I was happy with most of the cards, but think that a couple could have been even better. (Like the misplaced bow on the top card). Anyhow, thanks for looking :D

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