mandag, februar 28, 2011

February 28th

listening: Tori Amos - Winter 
eating: nothing
drinking: E.C. Dahls julebrus (the best)
wearing: jeans from Ralph Lauren + top from Tommy Hilfiger + cardigan from Banana Republic
feeling: happy it's only 12 days until I leave for New York
weather: cloudy and slightly cold
wanting: to go to NYC
needing: to sing
thinking: "wow I made it, 28 days of status-updates and blogging"
enjoying: listening to Tori (and earlier Sarah, soon Ella and Emiliana)
wondering: if I'll miss the daily blogging?

Wow, I made it, one whole month of status updates and daily blogging (well, almost). So here we are at the end of February 2011, now I've just got to make this into a minialbum :D
Pictures... I'll show you some I took as I walked home from work today.

søndag, februar 27, 2011

February 27th

listening: Sarah McLachlan - Hold On 
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing
wearing: jeans + t-shirt from Tommy Hilfiger
feeling: not quite ready for Monday yet
weather: cloudy but no rain
Wanting: to sleep
needing: to get some rest
thinking: it sure was nice to meet up with the "gang" tonight
enjoying: having spent time with some excellent people
wondering: if the 13 days until Nina and I go to NYC will pass quickly

Pictures... let's see...

 Picture taken at Hummingbird Bakery one week ago.
A tiny bit of the shopping I did in London.

My oh my, tomorrow is the last for February and thus will be the last of the February-daily project. I promise I'll show some brand new pictures :D
Thank you all for such nice comments.

lørdag, februar 26, 2011

February 26th

listening: Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek
eating: swedish meatballs
drinking: vikingfjord icebreaker
wearing: jeans + goodbye kittytshirt from David&Goliath
feeling: a tiny bit sad
weather: rain rain rain 
Wanting: to watch some tv, I think
needing: don't really know 
thinking: "Richard Armitage sure looks like a nice bloke"
enjoying: music and that it's Saturday
wondering: why I did't think of taking a photo today to show here...

C U 2morrow

February 25th

Oups almost forgot this one, so here it is, just a little late:

listening: Emiliana Torrini - Gun
eating: candy
Drinking: cola light
Wearing: jeans + blue t-shirt (TH)
feeling: fine
weather: rain
wanting: to enjoy the weekend
enjoying: that it's weekend
wondering: what to do this weekend

and picture...
I bought myself some roses the other day :D

torsdag, februar 24, 2011

February 23rd and 24th

I totally forgot to do the update yesterday, so here's two...

listening: Duck sauce - Barbra Streisand

eating: hot dog
drinking: Cola Light (I swear I'm giving it up, soon)
wearing: jeans and black top
feeling: guilty
weather: dry and slightly cold
Wanting: to go to bed earlier
needing: to get my act together and get to bed before midnight
thinking: It'll be good to do some Zumba tomorrow
enjoying: Q.I.
wondering: will I be tired in the morning? (answer: yes)

February 24th
listening: Emiliana Torrini - Jungledrum
eating: Knekkebrød w/turkey & edamer
Drinking: Chai tea
Wearing: jeans + black&white polkadot top (TH), cardigan (BR) + red scarf (Ferragamo)
feeling: just a tiny bit tired
weather: overcast + 0 degrees C
wanting: to do Zumba tonight + be a little creative with some friends
enjoying: work
wondering: what'll happen this weekend?

Pictures... I think we can save them for tomorrow ;)

Have a løvely day, and thanks for all your nice comments, I really appreciate them :D

tirsdag, februar 22, 2011

February 22nd

listening: Emiliana Torrini - Gun
eating: nothing - it's too late
drinking: nothing - too late
wearing: jeans and a purple Ralph Lauren top
feeling: sleepy
weather: dry and slightly cold
Wanting: time to pass more quickly, I want to go to new York with my niece
needing: nothing much
thinking: it's a good thing I have a friend like Nina who knows about clothes and stuff (and has helped me save my new Armani jacket)
enjoying: chatting on FB with one of the many Nina's in my life :)
wondering: why is my iTunes acting up...

 Some of the shopping done at Bicester.
 A good girl has to have shoes, like these from Salvatore Ferragamo.
 A new bag + purse from Michael Kors.
 Kitchenware from Le Creuset...
 Inside the Hummingbird Bakery in Kensington.

Some cool rabbits out side Spitafields Market :D

mandag, februar 21, 2011

February 21st

listening: to the humming for the computer
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing
wearing: training clothes
feeling:annoyed with myself for putting an unprotected bottle for Baccardi in the suitcase, that it broke and spilled on my brand new Armani jacket. Man it sucks to have to take it to the dry cleaner before I can use it for the first time...
weather: Stavanger winter
Wanting: to finish unpacking, finding the mobile charger + sleep
needing:  to take the abovementioned jacket to the dry cleaner tomorrow (i.e. find a dry cleaner in town...)
thinking:  "stupid, stupid, stupid me"
enjoying:  unpacking
wondering:  why couldn't I just have left the bottle with Hanna...

Pictures will come tomorrow, right now I'm too ansoyed with my self to upload them...

søndag, februar 20, 2011

February 20th

listening: Adele - 19
eating: macarons from Paul
drinking: Asti
wearing: black&grey houndstooth dress, Black tights and purple top
feeling: happy
weather: english winter
Wanting: to have a good time
needing: nothing, I think
thinking: It's great to visit friends
enjoying: life
wondering: what to do tomorrow... Before going home

February 19th

listening: Foo Fighters
eating: chips
drinking: Twisted Mojito
wearing: jeans and a striped top (from *waybackwhen*)
feeling: happy and a little tipsy
weather: rain
Wanting: to sleep a little longer in the morning + Dreamscape of Richard Armitage
needing: a little sleep
thinking: Shopping is fun :)
enjoying: having shopped nice things + that good drink
wondering: about nothing special

Have a Nice evening folks

lørdag, februar 19, 2011

February 18th

Sorry for getting this out a little late
listening: Paloma *something* - Hanna's good suggestion
eating: Thai curry
drinking: Bacardi Razz and Sprite Zero
wearing: TH jeans and a striped top (from *waybackwhen*)
feeling: happy
weather: overcast
wanting: to enjoy the company of my friend
needing: nothing
thinking: I really liked shopping in Bicester Village today, so many bargains, so many really nice things
enjoying: having shopped nice things + that good drink
wondering: will I dream about the same guy tonight as I did yesterday???

Pictures galore when I'm back from London.

torsdag, februar 17, 2011

February 17th

listening: Hanna talking
eating: pancakes
drinking: Bacardi Razz and Sprite Zero
wearing: TH jeans and a purple top (from design forum)
feeling: happy
weather: the moon is up and the stars a shining i.e. no rain or clouds
wanting: just to have fun and talk a wee bit
needing: nothing
thinking: it was nice to talk to an x-colleague at the airport
enjoying: Hanna's company
wondering: about nothing much

Pictures galore when I'm back from London. Now it's time to have fun :)

February 16th

listening: Muse - Uprising (again)
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing - it's time for bed soon
wearing: black training trousers and a black top
feeling: sleepy and happy I'm going to London tomorrow
weather: snowing!!! :D
wanting: to go to London and see Hanna + get some sleep
needing: sleep
thinking: it was great going to the hairdresser today + have sushi with Nina
enjoying: thinking of going to London
wondering: if all my friends will enjoy Q.I (see embedded video at the bottom of the blogpost).

The two pictures... are here:

 Mmm, sushi...
Just got a new hairdo

Ania, this one is for you, the amusing quiz show Q.I.

tirsdag, februar 15, 2011

February 15th

listening: Muse - Uprising
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing - it's time for bed soon
wearing: jeans and a black top (but different than yesterday)
feeling: happy
weather: cold and windy
wanting: to go to London and see Hanna
needing: to have more fun
thinking: I'm so happy I've gotten hold of tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show when Nina and I are going to NYC i March
enjoying: Q.I.
wondering:if I'll remember to take a picture tomorrow.

See "wondering"...

mandag, februar 14, 2011

February 14th - Bloody Valentines Day

listening: Muse - Uprising
eating: nothing, just came from a nice meal with colleagues, at a Turkish restaurant
drinking: CL
wearing: jeans and a black top
feeling: content and happy
weather: cold and windy
wanting: someone special in my life
needing: to get some sleep
thinking: I'm glad it's not Bloody Valentines Day tomorrow...
enjoying: Q.I.
wondering: "Will I be pretty, will I be rich"

søndag, februar 13, 2011

February 13th

listening: various slightly trashy tv
eating: homemade rolls with peanutbutter and morellocherry jam
drinking: CL
wearing: jeans and a black top
feeling: good
weather: windy
wanting: to scrap with friends
needing: to get on my feet
thinking: that I'm looking forward to go to Maris place with Xstine and scrap tonight
enjoying: the company of my good friend
wondering: how amazing it'll be going to London on Thursday


lørdag, februar 12, 2011

February 12th

listening: Release me - Agnes
eating: nada
drinking: Asti Spumante
wearing: party clothes
feeling: good, there's a party going on
weather: dry with a little wind
wanting: to party
needing: to party
thinking: it's fun to party
enjoying: the company of my good friends
wondering: what'll happen tonight, who knows

fredag, februar 11, 2011

February 11th

listening: Major Parkinson and Rage against the Machine

eating: nada
drinking: water
wearing: Jeans from Ralph Lauren & top by Tommy Hilfiger + my new Nike trainers
feeling: good, it's the weekend after all 
weather: sunny with out a single cloud, no wind, YEAH! 
wanting: to go home
needing: to go to a party tonight
thinking: having some fun
enjoying: It's soon weekend 
wondering: "why are there so many songs about rainbows and what's on the other side"

No picture today, rather 2 tomorrow

torsdag, februar 10, 2011

February 10th

listening: Q.I.on the telly
eating: Norwegian meatballs with everything
drinking: Cola Light (again)
wearing: training gear (just came home from Zumba)
feeling: calmer
weather: quiet
wanting: to have fun (good thing I'm going to a party tomorrow)
needing: go a little easier on myself
thinking: About the princessparty tomorrow
enjoying: Q.I.
wondering: if dreams really do come true

Me and my good friend

onsdag, februar 09, 2011

February 9th

listening: Kvelertak
eating: Nothing right now
drinking: Cola Light
wearing: pyjama (time to sleep soon)
feeling: sleepy
weather: rain
wanting: to sleep
needing: a massage
thinking: that the comedians on Q.I. are really funny and smart (and snarky and sarcastic) - just love that show
enjoying: Q.I.
wondering: If I'll dream tonight and remember the dream.

Sorry, no picture today, forgot to take one...

tirsdag, februar 08, 2011

February 8th

listening:  a nice mix of Rage against the Machine and Ella Fitzgerald
eating: homemade rolls
drinking: chai
wearing: TH jeans, deep purple Banana Republic top, BR black cardigan, highheeled shoes
feeling:  a little tired and melancholic + restless
weather: some rain
wanting: to see some of my good friends tonight + run
needing: to embrace the weak and ugly parts of myself (ref. Soul restoration)
thinking: about work + pathetic stuff
enjoying: that I have some great friends who understand
wondering: if I'll have to use some of my patience in tomorrows meeting.

mandag, februar 07, 2011

February 7th

listening: Perfect by Fairground Attraction

eating: Chocolate-morello cupcake
drinking: Chai tea
wearing: lavender Banana Republic top, Tommy hilfiger jeans, shoes from Din sko, black BR-cardican
feeling: glad my colleagues liked the cupcakes
weather: rain (looks bad for the next point on the list)
wanting: to take a walk with my iPod (been missing those) - preferably without rain.
needing: to do some scrapbooking - Soul Restoration-style
thinking: about well testing and the interpretation of those
enjoying: the view
wondering: if the weather will be nicer soon (need that walk with the iPod)

søndag, februar 06, 2011

February 6th

listening: Ella Fitzgerald - I love Paris
eating: Freshly made chocolate/morello cupcakes
drinking: water
wearing: multicoloured top from Anthropologie, jeans by DKNY, black stockings
feeling: like baking some more
weather: starry sky
wanting: to have a freshly baked roll
needing: to do something silly/stupid
thinking: about tomorrow&bringing cupcakes to work
enjoying: having my friend over
wondering: what it'll be like when I no longer have houseguests :(

House guest no.2

lørdag, februar 05, 2011

February 5th

listening: Dinah Washington - Mad about the boy
eating: Burger
drinking: Coca Cola Light (again)
wearing: purple top by Ralph Lauren, jeans by DKNY, black socks with red skulls
weather:rain showers
wanting: to party - again
needing: to do something silly/stupid - same as yesterday
thinking: will the weather will be nice enough to take the dog for a walk (my friends dog, that is)
enjoying: that it's Saturday and that there's a few things that did stay in my basment, but now is at Byttebua at Forus.
wondering: when it'll be time to do something stupid and fun

fredag, februar 04, 2011

4th February

listening: "We no speak americano" Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup
eating: nothing now, but sushi later
drinking: Chai
wearing: black tunica and jeans (same as the other day)
feeling: ready
weather: overcast with mild wind
wanting: to party
needing: to do something silly/stupid
thinking: about what to do for fun this weekend
enjoying: having worked out + planning a new work out session later today
wondering: if I should try to get the basement reorganized this weekend. Put everything little thing back in it's original place and throw out the junk! (Yes Mari, I stole & tweaked this one)

torsdag, februar 03, 2011

3rd February

listening: katzenjammer - demon kitty rag
eating: candy :(
drinking: Coca Cola Light (again)
wearing: purple sweather, grey+black houndtooth dress + black leggings
feeling: curious
weather: rain, again
wanting: plans for the weekend - preferably having fun with friends and/or go out
needing: time to pass quickly
thinking: about the upcoming trip to London
enjoying: having my friend staying
wondering: when I'm gonna get...

onsdag, februar 02, 2011

2nd February

Day 2, and we're still going strong.

listening: the film " the good, the bad and the weird"

eating: Pizza

drinking: tea

wearing: top from Anthropologie, jeans + Reebook sneakers

feeling: relaxed

weather: Rain, rain, rain


needing: sleep

thinking:about the bl**dy sms

enjoying: my friends company

wondering: about "life, the universe and everything"

tirsdag, februar 01, 2011

February 1st

So, here's the project for February: My good friend Mari and me are going to post our daily lists through out this month. Do check out her blog.
As her, I will make a (mini)album at the end of it with all this.

listening: My "wanna dance"-mix CD (currently playing Duck sauce's "Barbra Streisand")
eating: Nothing right now
drinking: Coca Cola Light
wearing: DNKY jeans, stripy top (from 1996)
feeling: handy (thanks to IKEA)
weather: dark and gloomy (though I've seen some stars)
wanting: fun, fun, fun
needing: to finish the bookshelf
thinking: whether to send a certain sms or not
enjoying: the good music and mounting an IKEA bookcase
wondering: if I'll feel this good tomorrow too.