torsdag, februar 17, 2011

February 16th

listening: Muse - Uprising (again)
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing - it's time for bed soon
wearing: black training trousers and a black top
feeling: sleepy and happy I'm going to London tomorrow
weather: snowing!!! :D
wanting: to go to London and see Hanna + get some sleep
needing: sleep
thinking: it was great going to the hairdresser today + have sushi with Nina
enjoying: thinking of going to London
wondering: if all my friends will enjoy Q.I (see embedded video at the bottom of the blogpost).

The two pictures... are here:

 Mmm, sushi...
Just got a new hairdo

Ania, this one is for you, the amusing quiz show Q.I.

2 kommentarer:

Ania sa...

Ahh, det programmet, ja :D
Og wow, posh! You look great :D

Tigger sa...

Wow....Vakre Trude Julie :) Den hårklippen passet deg virkelig, du er super vakker med den :) :) God Tur :) Kos deg kjempe masse :)