fredag, februar 04, 2011

4th February

listening: "We no speak americano" Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup
eating: nothing now, but sushi later
drinking: Chai
wearing: black tunica and jeans (same as the other day)
feeling: ready
weather: overcast with mild wind
wanting: to party
needing: to do something silly/stupid
thinking: about what to do for fun this weekend
enjoying: having worked out + planning a new work out session later today
wondering: if I should try to get the basement reorganized this weekend. Put everything little thing back in it's original place and throw out the junk! (Yes Mari, I stole & tweaked this one)

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Ania sa...


Tigger sa...

Go Party Babe :)

Gleder meg t å se leiligheten når du har fått snudd den på hue :)

Jeg skal bort å hjelpe noen å lage noen enkle konf.innbydelser og bordkort :) Blir gøy :)