søndag, februar 27, 2011

February 27th

listening: Sarah McLachlan - Hold On 
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing
wearing: jeans + t-shirt from Tommy Hilfiger
feeling: not quite ready for Monday yet
weather: cloudy but no rain
Wanting: to sleep
needing: to get some rest
thinking: it sure was nice to meet up with the "gang" tonight
enjoying: having spent time with some excellent people
wondering: if the 13 days until Nina and I go to NYC will pass quickly

Pictures... let's see...

 Picture taken at Hummingbird Bakery one week ago.
A tiny bit of the shopping I did in London.

My oh my, tomorrow is the last for February and thus will be the last of the February-daily project. I promise I'll show some brand new pictures :D
Thank you all for such nice comments.

1 kommentar:

Tigger sa...

Aaaahh..... Nice shopping, skikkelig shopping med stil :) Sånne har jeg å lyst på, men jeg vil ha orange :D hehehehe

Du den der mandagen, hvorfor kommer den alltid så fort ?