lørdag, februar 19, 2011

February 18th

Sorry for getting this out a little late
listening: Paloma *something* - Hanna's good suggestion
eating: Thai curry
drinking: Bacardi Razz and Sprite Zero
wearing: TH jeans and a striped top (from *waybackwhen*)
feeling: happy
weather: overcast
wanting: to enjoy the company of my friend
needing: nothing
thinking: I really liked shopping in Bicester Village today, so many bargains, so many really nice things
enjoying: having shopped nice things + that good drink
wondering: will I dream about the same guy tonight as I did yesterday???

Pictures galore when I'm back from London.

1 kommentar:

Tigger sa...

Siden du er på shopping, så må jeg bare skrive ned noen kuule shopping ordtak til deg :)

I´ve shopped all my life, and still have nothing to wear :)

Let me shop for shoes and nobody gets hurt :)

You cant`t have too many friends or pair of shoes :)

Enjoy London og shoppingen min venn :)