lørdag, mars 17, 2007

(Deck of Me - #7 to #10)

I've finally cought up with the cards for the deck of me.
Here's number 7, I miss... I miss the way I used to be - optimistic (almost to a fault) and always cheerful. I'm on my way "back" and hope it's not too long until I'm there again.

#8 My shoestory - is about the shoes I bought for my sisters wedding - 
they were so beautiful in the shop I just had to get them. Tried standing in them and they were great, too bad I didn't try walking in them... and that I didn't wear them until the wedding. They were murder to wear for more than 10 minutes. And walking? Forget about it.

# 9 Inspired Now - I'm so inspired by my friend Hanna - she's such a great scrapper and a wonderful person.

# 10 Note to self - it's a small reminder to myself to include my 14 year-old niece in the planning of our Autumn holiday to Paris this year. 
I love planning and arranging things and so I have to make sure I won't be dragging her along to things she won't like 
(but we'll just have to visit at least one art museum).

Thanks for looking at my cards! 
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4 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

Awesome cards :)

Marjolein sa...

Wow, great cards!!

valerie sa...

fab cards all the great explorers and inventors were optimists we wouldn't be chatting on here with out them so glad yours is coming back please don't see it as a fault

jess sa...

your cards are AwEsOMe!!! :)