onsdag, april 11, 2007

(Deck of me - 12, 13 and 14)

Ive finally got around to creating the cards from the last 3 weeks. Here are the images, the first one is number 12, with the prompt: " I believe". I'm no religious person (atheist to the core), but there are of course other things one can believe (in) and I believe Optimism is a necessity for happiness, ever the optimist. On the back I've included a couple other things I believe:
- music can be a remedy for healing
- it's going to be all right
- and I believe in me.
The prompt for #13 were "on my mind", and currently travel is on my mind, in just 11 days I'm going to Tallinn, Estonia with my mum, my best friend and her mum - one week in a SPA hotell in old town... This years summe vacation has been carefully planned, as well as the autumn holiday when I take my niece to Paris for a week. So you can probably see why tarvel is occupying some space in my mind. And the back of the card reflects that the words started a soundtrack in my head - Pet Shop Boys "You were always on my mind" :)

The 14th card of the deck were to deal with birds, now I've never been neighter fond of birds nor disliked them particularly. But hey, there's some birdshaped rub-ons in my collection from Basic Grey - this was a chance to use them.

Thanks for looking :)

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3 kommentarer:

Lis sa...

Fantastic cards, love the little bird rubons :)

Synnove Olava sa...

Flotte art-kort... :-)

Catrine sa...

Flotte art-kort du har laget! :)
Ha en fin dag!