torsdag, januar 01, 2009

Happy new year! Godt nytt år

And suddenly it was 2009! It's going to be such a great year I think, I've got so many plans and besides, I love my job, my hobby, my friends and family. Although I made some courageous choices in 2008 I think I'll still have that as my word for 2009. Or rather second of 2 words, cause I'd like to add CONFIDENT to my "one word". It's not due to lack of confidence, but I could always use some more (self)confindence.

Thought I'd show you all one of the pages I made for the calendar for my Mum and Dad, the page is from November and the ones in the picture are my late paternal grandparents.

2 kommentarer:

KjerstiKK sa...

Godt nyttår!

Lekker side du har scrappet til foreldrene dine!

Gleder meg til mars!

Hanna alias 2små sa...

Denne siden er jo bare SÅ fin. Enda finere IRL. Hvordan går det med sommerfuglene ;-)