onsdag, august 01, 2007

(caught up - again)

I've finally caught up with the deck of me challenges, after 9 weeks! (yikes). And now that the cards are scanned and all I realise I screwed up the labeling, ah well, I'll fix it ... later
Picasa obviously won't let me upload more than 4 pictures at a time, so I'll split the post in at least 2.
Here we go:

Week 22 - would like to learn: I've always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle, for as long as I can remember. They are just so cool, and I imagine driving on one of them with the wind in my hair - that's freedom. And one day I WILL learn to ride one.
(Picture of a Kawasaki bike from the internet, 7gypsies journaling tag).

Week 23 - Right now: This was made when I was on my vacation, visiting my family - so naturally I just had to make a laid-back card (masking tape, distress ink, Magnolia stamp, Jenni Bowlin tag)

Week 24 - Remember when: This is for my friend Marianne about the day we were alone in London, having Cream Tea, being pampered at Stila, seeing Fame and having wonderful Indian food. It was a NICE day.
Week 25 - A photo that means something to me: This time I went with a photo of my late grandmother. It's my favourite because it really showes her character, she was one of the gentlest people I've ever known, so kind and with a healthy sense of humour. (Jenni Bowlin papers, 7gypsies stamp).

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