onsdag, august 01, 2007

(Deck of me - week 30)

Finally, here's this weeks challenge, Count your Blessings, and I think I have plenty :o)
1. My family who loves me
2. Wonderful friends
3. Great hobbies
4. My own appartment and car
5. Nice singing voice (though I might not practice much in public)
7. Harry Potter
8. Interesting job
9. Upcoming birthday (I love birthdays)
10. Chocolate
11. Passion
12. My masks
... just to name a few.

Thanks for looking :D

9 kommentarer:

Rachel Whetzel sa...

LOVE your blessings!

valerie sa...

fab card love the decoration

Lis sa...

Fantastic card :)

Je@net sa...

Isn't this a great Challenge!! Love your card!

Jenny sa...

Great card!

elina sa...

Great card.

Marjolein sa...

Love this, specially what you did with the card!

Dani sa...

Great card !!, love it

Paula sa...

This is fabulous, missed it on my last visit time was a bit short. Today I have chance to take a look at your blog properly. :0)